NGL has bought activity in 2014.

NGL has bought technical data and patent for new technology.

Inventor of nw technology  has more than 25 years experience in that field.

He implents the forced circulation years ago.

Unfortunately for him and NGL, great illness problem not permit to developp the activity has thought.

Unfortunately, partner vendor not reach to develop business.

Now, NGL throught and with High Tech Heaters may count of the great experience of Daniel Devillet as electromecanical engineer in the field of hydraulic especially projects of cooling systems for mold and injection molding machines, industrial electro-mecanical projects: design and fabrication of automated systems for pharmaceutical companies, …

After completely rebuild the inside body of SlimStartECO but on same technology, we launch again our product on market.

We want to become a key player in the global market.

Today, High Tech Heaters alone become your partner.


Préchauffage pour l’huile

Qu’est-ce que le préchauffage des moteurs thermiques ?

Situation Covid19